Bright Stripey Armor

It’s a grey winter day, but I’ve got armor on. Bright blue and green stripey armor in fact, patches of color blurring from one into the next. I’ve never been much of a scarf person, but rummaging through a drawer of bright silk in the morning has become a bit of a ritual this winter, an antidote of sort to the leeched out landscape.

In the holiday dance so many couples perform, Sean and I visit my mom in North Carolina, then back to Albuquerque to see his folks.

During the week we’re there, mom and I usually have a project to do – rearranging her desk, or sorting out the contents of an old cabinet.   We enjoy organizing and making lists, but this year I decided we should try something different.

“Some packages are headed your way,” I warned her in one of our pre-trip emails. “A different sort of project day.”

In mom’s kitchen we unpacked the boxes – piles of silk and jars of dye.  And for two days we dipped and twisted and cooked them in the microwave and melted plastic bags and laughed ourselves silly.

And this is what we ended up with – flags of brightness against the sky.


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