What messages are you putting out into the universe? What messages are you telling yourself?

I don’t really have many thoughts one way or the other on attraction, or manifestation – this isn’t about that.

This is about what messages we’re telling ourselves and other people by how we live our lives.

Right now, I’m going through years of tangled websites, files and emails to old projects, or old projects that have morphed into new ones.

It’s a terrible combination of registering a new domain name every time I have a new idea, and using the same domain for multiple projects over the years ( was originally for selling handsewn accessories for historical reenactors, then a web site maintenance service) compounded by the fact that some sites are fifteen years old.

I’m sending so many mixed signals, it’s a wonder that the people who are looking for me now are finding me. I’m still getting contacts from people who are looking for the past-me who did that other sort of work.

Some of that I can’t do anything about. Things live forever on the internet.

But quite a lot of it I can do something about. I can trace down old projects, make sure that emails are ending up in the right places.

It’s not just the image I’m presenting to the world, but the story I’m telling myself. Who am I? What do I do? What are my passions?

If I’m giving myself mixed signals, no wonder I struggle sometimes for clarity.

If I’m working on one project, but surrounded by the ghosts of old projects, is it any wonder that sometimes I’m unsure about what the next step is?

Having the clarity to know, really deep in my bones know, what I’m doing (at least at this moment) makes everything easier.

It takes less energy if I’m clear what my current project is. Less energy to do it, less energy to make decisions.  I’m less likely to get sidetracked by something only to realize days or weeks later that I’m following an old dream.

What messages are you sending out? And are they the ones you mean to be sending?



10 Responses to Messages

  • So many good things to think about here…especially since I just found a domain I have had for over a YEAR that I totally forgot about. Yikes.

  • Point taken! There are so many ways in which we send out messages to the Universe. I realize I can’t receive any more inspiration, smarts or even well-wishes until I clean out my already overstuffed email inbox. Nor can I receive any more great writing projects if I constantly feel overwhelmed by the ones I have. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Jan says:

    That’s a good question, Corie – 2 years ago I got rid of a lot of my domains to concentrate on MLBO. Now that itself is morphing into something it didn’t originally set out to be. Things do grow or change over time – but I am not clear in what I want or where I am going. If I don’t know, then the message I send isn’t clear. A clearout is needed – of my head, my ideas and domains!
    Jan recently posted..Facebook Graph Search For Business – Are You Doing It Wrong?My Profile

    • Corie says:

      Jan, good luck with it! I’m realizing things are changing more than I thought, even a week ago! But we’ll get there (or at least to the next phase of “there”) right?

  • Kama says:

    I can really relate to this post! I spent 2 years changing things again and again, making everything so complicated that even I didn’t know what I was doing. I realised I was trying to do all the things I love so I narrowed down and narrowed down to get right back to basics. I finally found my feet so no more major changes for me. Thank you for the reminder of times that were and how beneficial they actually were on this journey.

  • Definitely some food for thought. Now that I’ve finally settled into Limitless Abundance, I have to redo a lot of my materials. It will be very time-consuming, especially tracking down emails and making sure everything in my autoresponder system is up-to-date, but it’s definitely worth it.

    However, if you have things out there that are pretty complete, don’t be too rash to take them down. During the two weeks before Valentine’s Day, I had a ton of people sign up to my Giveaway – that I did last year! I had completely forgotten about it, but had tagged it so well that when people searched the keywords, it came up. This has led to new people on my list (in an area I still focus on), as well as some sells for a project I completed over a year ago. Love passive income. 😀
    Amethyst Mahoney recently posted..Biztopia Challenge Week 1 Affliate Leader BoardMy Profile

  • I often find that my clients think they’re clear on their message… until they try to drill down into it. Part of what I do involves asking questions – lots and lots of questions – to help them get crystal clear on what they want to say and what they want their readers / clients to understand from it.

    It’s something that sound easy until you start trying to do it. Good luck with the backlog!



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