Today we had a smaller adventure than the Winslow trip, but no less fun.

Just got in the car and headed towards the mountains. One of the fantastic parts of living in New Mexico is how much the land changes from season to season and with every elevation shift.

Going down a road we’ve traveled umpteen times, there was an unexpected splash of color off to the right.

We went back to look for it and on the banks of a stream stood a strip of bright yellow bare branched trees.

It can take a while to get used to the colors here. At first, you pretty much only see the brown. And then the dark greens of the pinon, scrub oak and juniper.

We have softer colors in the high desert as well. Delicate shades of green, sage and chamisa bushes, dotted with yellow flowers in the summer.

Fiery gold cottonwoods in the fall. Swaths of maroon from red twig dogwood in the winter.

And now this unexpected lemon, bare branches of some unknown tree stark against the blue sky.

Zipping along, it would have been so easy to miss it. And the little church a tiny bit up the road. And the rushing water in the stream that even looked cold.

I’m so glad we stopped, looked around.

And I wonder what else I’m not noticing, what bright colored clues I’m zipping by.

Slowing down, taking notice, being open to adventure.


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