Pretending to be a Pterodactyl is Good Business.

I will be the first to admit that too often I let work slide into non-work time. I’ll still insist that it’s essential that just a few more things get done. But at least I’m aware of the problem.

Yesterday I played airplane in the cat food aisle of the grocery store. And sang silly songs in the car. And waltzed in the parking lot of the bank.

Play is a fine thing. So is silliness.

But… does play only happen when all systems are go? When I’m already happy and everything is running smoothly? When it’s easy to let a good mood continue on, and get caught up in joy?

What about the other way around? Can play reboot a less than stellar day? Instead of good things happen, therefore happy, therefore playful, can it go playtime, therefore happy, therefore good things?

Or even if play doesn’t magically make good things happen, can the act of mindfully being playful cause enough of shift in mood to create a matching shift in perspective, where perhaps what was a bad day is at least tolerable?

And, could that shift of perspective also lead to a lessening of tension and stress and therefore reduce the likelihood of something ordinary getting blown up out of proportion? And transforming from just a thing, to a BAD thing?

Then, could taking time to play, even if I don’t really feel much like playing, be as much of a preventative/prophylactic against bringing on unnecessary grief and hardship, that play is not just a reasonable use of time, but a necessary part of my physical and mental well being?

And that playtime is possibly an investment in my business time? Because my business and my clients depend on me being at my best and most creative. And if this is correct, playtime helps to keep that level of creativity high.

Therefore, neglecting joy and play and fun is sabotaging my business and plans and my best work for my clients.

So, in order to do that best work… quite literally, GAME ON.

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