Saying Yes

A couple of years ago Sean’s dad had a family photo taken. The photographer was a very nice man, and quite talented. One of his tricks was to have us say “Yes” instead of “Cheese” or some such in order to get a more natural smile.

It was a long afternoon of saying yes, and I think it was good practice.

It’s too easy to say no to things. No, I’m tired. No, I don’t have time. No, I don’t want to try something new. No.

I do think it’s important to have limits and boundaries. Not to take on more work or commitments than you can handle. Not to agree to chair a committee just because someone else doesn’t want to, and you can’t think of a good way to get out of it.

But saying yes to new things can also ease the way into adventures, open new doors, make possible paths and fun projects that you never would have thought of.

This weekend we went down to Albuquerque for an overnight for some family stuff. It’s been a long few weeks and it was really tempting just to have a quiet night in the room, get dinner brought in, watch something mindless and go to sleep early.

Instead we said yes.

  • Yes, to walking in the wind to dinner.
  • Yes, to the sushi place that has a model train set.
  • Yes, to changing my order on the fly, based on the waiter’s facial expression.
  • Yes, to a long, rambly conversation with an older, somewhat inebriated man at the hotel.
  • Yes, to visiting a new museum the next morning instead of an old favorite.

Yes after yes made for a great weekend, and changed a potentially dull night and morning into something to talk and laugh about, which was what we ended up needing more than a quiet night in.


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