The Brilliant Idea Waiting Room

About a month ago I had a brilliant idea. Rent a room, set it up for a craft day, and see if people would come, and possibly even pay for the space and supplies.

Being me, this pretty quickly turned into a full fledged Project.  Which needed a domain name, and a logo, and should there be pricing level, or should I do this multiple times over the summer, and, and, and…. Ooh – maybe this should be a business!

Because that’s how my head works.

Luckily, there were a few other projects that had to be dealt with first, so other than the basics – call about table rentals, book the room, get a domain name – the idea had to sit for a few weeks.

Thank goodness.


The culprit

In that time, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how overbooked I always seem to be.  And the truth of the matter is, I do it to myself.

All that stuff on my list?

I put it there. Either through having an idea, and deciding it has to be done just so, or by volunteering to help out for someone else’s project that I’m sure needs me, or by not saying no when things come up.

There are no invisible gnomes adding tasks to my already off-the-margins lists.

If I’m tired, or burnt out, there’s no one to get frustrated with but me.

The solution, for now

I’m pretty good at waiting at least a week or two, if not a full thirty days between seeing something that I think I have to buy, a new course to take, whatever and actually making that purchase.

Usually by the end of the waiting period, I realize that I don’t really need whatever it is, or at least not right now. The urgency to buy has passed.

I’m going to start doing that with projects and new ideas.

Something that seems brilliant, can’t wait a second, must start getting things set up and writing sales copy this moment?

Yeah, that’s going to have to wait a month. Because right now, I’m booked. And even though I know that, it’s too easy to get carried away on a wave of excitement for a new idea. Before I know it I’ve made commitments, and later I’m even more exhausted.

What this means for the play day

I’m still doing it. But I’m not thinking of it as a full fledged Project. Just a craft party, that I’m throwing open to the world. (If by any odd chance you’ll be in Las Vegas, New Mexico, let me know.)

Otherwise… I’m just going to have fun and let it go.

Future brilliant ideas? I’m going to make a special folder, just for them. They can wait for a month, then I’ll look again and see if they’re still quite so brilliant, once the brand new shiny idea glamour has worn off.

And maybe those magic list gnomes will stop adding new things.

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