There’s a nebula inside me. And it tickles.

This may get a little woo woo – if its too out there for you,  here’s a link to something more concrete.

However, this week’s adventures were all internal. About how building internal spaces gives me more spaciousness to think, to dream about new possibilities.

I’ve started taking an online class/forum/workshop/playgroup put on by Havi from the Fluent Self.

Two things have been super useful. First, a community of folks who are interested in sorting out their internal stuff in a conscious, mindful manner, and second, a whole library of older calls and classes.

I’ve been devouring the calls.

Last night I listened to one about making internal space, and how your issues with internal space and external space are often all connected. They talked about the notion that external space is infinite, and in many ways, so is your internal space. And then the question was posed: what’s in your internal space?

The first thing I thought about was nebulae. Because we’ve just watched the series How the Universe Works, and it all comes back to stars, and stardust. (it’s not just Carl Sagan.)

One point the series repeatedly mentioned was how everything around us, everything in us, was created in the heart of a star (possibly several stars) and then scattered across the cosmos when that star went nova. And then regathered into our solar system and us.

The nebulae themselves, the star nurseries, are the remnants of other exploded stars.

Then, for a related concept, but of a different scale: They showed a map of how solar systems and galaxies are linked together, in an almost organic looking mesh, and the first thing that came to mind was illustrations of neural networks.

So I got to thinking: if everything that’s in me is stardust, and everything that makes up a star is stardust of other stars, and everything that makes up entire nebulae and galaxies is just more of the same, then it seems like I can do anything. I mean really – next to all of that grandeur and impossibility, what could possibly stop me?

In the past I’ve always put aside spending time on internal processes because I couldn’t see a direct benefit. But now I’m starting to see how a little internal work can clear up space for a whole lot of future possibility.

P.S.  Remarkably enough, I have a link for drawing your own nebulae. Here you go!


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