Tiny Steps: Playing Hooky

This week I’m playing hooky to drive to Colorado and see one of my oldest friends and her daughter. Her daughter provides the best model I can think of for being exactly who you want to be.

No one can tell her that you can’t be a pirate princess, or that the loops on the sides of painter jeans aren’t for swords.

She knows herself and what she wants so clearly, so fiercely, that I just stand in awe.

I’m still working on clarity, but even while I’m figuring things out, things can get done to move me in the right direction, right?

This week’s tiny steps:

  • Set up a new calendaring system so people can schedule their own appointments with me
  • Still loving the new tickler, and using it – double bonus points!
  • Did another level of research and emails for a secret project
  • Made a decision about some old files that I just don’t need to keep anymore – so completely freeing!

What were your tiny steps for the week?

2 Responses to Tiny Steps: Playing Hooky

  • Lauren says:

    This week was not great for productivity. At all. But I did:
    Shop for an interview outfit, without success.
    I got the flu vaccine (which resulted in fluish symptoms.)
    Went to the gym twice.

    And that is kind of it. I am going be extremely kind to myself and focus on all the great things I will accomplish next week.

    • Corie says:

      Sounds productive to me – possibly because shopping and going to the gym are both on my super hard things to do. And being extremely kind to yourself is certainly a win!

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