Trust and Boundaries, part 2

I am a worrier by nature. A planner.

I am not a let it go, it’ll all work out person.

I live with a tight ball of stress in my tummy.


I’m working on changing all that.

This last weekend was the big yearly fundraiser for our animal welfare nonprofit. Well, except that we’re in a small town, it’s a small group, and its only the second year we’ve tried it.

This year, about two weeks out, I decided enough was enough. I’d planned and worried and listed and done about everything I could think of. And that I needed to figure out what the basics were that had to be done, and then let it go.

The event happened. We didn’t get the turn out that we hoped for, but we didn’t lose money, made a little money, and made some great connections.

And just as importantly, at least for my own mental well-being, I didn’t turn into a complete nervous wreck, or a snapping turtle, or any of the previous patterns.

I even took a break between setup and the actual start, told other folks to just do whatever made sense, and took a nap.

This is HUGE.

Yes, this all worked out because there was a team of people working together… but usually I don’t just let go. Trust that other people are on it, whatever the “it” may be.

Trust that I’ve done enough.

Trust that I can stop and relax, and just see what happens.

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